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Paddle Partner App Utilizes Offline Navigation to Enhance Kayaking Expereinces


(New Jersey) Paddle Partner recently released the 1.4 version of the iOS app designed to enhance the kayaking and canoeing experience. The new app harnesses the power of technology and smart device data to allow those on the water to navigate their paths without the use of paper maps.

“The vision of Paddle Partner was to create a user experience that was superior to other options available today,” stated company representative Kyle Wendel. “With the Delaware Water Gap Map kayakers and canoers can follow their selected path without fear of getting lost and enjoy the peace of mind that they always know where they are. No more hassle thanks to the paper-free navigation app. With this app, there is no reason to use traditional paper maps anymore.”

Up until now, water-lovers had to rely on paper maps for planning their canoeing and kayaking trips on the major …

3 Ways to Embellish Products for Colleges

When it comes to college gear, students, alumni and even sports fans love to show off their school spirit. But no one wants to wear a plain t-shirt or hat that features the school colors. Instead, it is important to be able to find embellished products for colleges. There are countless ways to embellish items that feature a favorite school. Here everyday items are taken to a new level with several types of embellishments.


A college student wants to see the name of his or her college featured prominently on a t-shirt. Others may want the school’s logo or mascot to be the center of attention. Either way, this can be done with printing. It’s easy to add a layer of text or a picture across the front of everything from clothing to bags. This allows people to display a little extra school spirit and look amazing, all …

thirteen Must Have Travel Gadgets For Your Summer Holidays (5)

We have a variety of travel equipment and travel gadgets for any journey away in the UK and holiday abroad including luggage scales, journey padlocks and alarms, torches, adapters and worldwide journey chargers. The likelihood is the longer you intend to be away, the more gadgets you pack; Smartphone, iphone, Digital Camera, Tablet, ipad, Laptop, MP3, ipod, Kindle, e-readers, the listing goes on and on. Probably the one time you’ve gotten this many devices with you at any one time for any length of time is when to travel overseas.

But there are some gadgets which are excellent companion and help us make our travel pleasurable. Nomad Travel – which also does an ideal range of medical kits – sells a sensible common model with retractable pins and a clip-on attachment for a USB port. Skyscanner is the world’s journey search engine, serving to your money go additional on flights …