Figuring Out Services

How to Hire a Male Stripper for a Bachelorette Party

In the world of bachelorette parties, there are several ways to enjoy the last hurrah of single blessedness. And for those ever loyal BFFs who want to smother the bride-to-be with some last-minute male eye candy, planning is key.

Generally, you have two options — troop to a club or hire a private stripper. There are upsides and downsides to each, and at the end of the day, it’s all a matter of preference. Are you a big group or do you like people watching and maybe have some girls in the party who aren’t so thrilled by the idea of private entertainment? A strip clubs may be perfect for you. If you’d rather have the fun to come to you, or if you’re not that many and nobody’s really into the club thing and all, go for a private show instead.

Although strip clubs are usually easier to come by, hiring an entertainer should be as easy if you know what you’re looking for. Specifically in key cities, word of mouth and/or the almighty power of the Internet can help you narrow down your search. A quick query within Yelp and Google Business listings will show local entertainers for hire, complete with reviews and even pictures, allowing you to make a better choice.
Why People Think Entertainment Are A Good Idea

Cost can also help you pick between strip club and private entertainment. Whether you intend to “make it rain” or are conscious about your budget, you will have options. If you want to have a pre-determined cost amount, a private party may be the better choice. Usually, you will have to pay a deposit, and the balance (the fee is by the hour at about $150 to $275) is to be paid at the time of service.
Doing Entertainers The Right Way

At most strip clubs, you have to pay a cover fee paid upon admittance, instead of paying the dancers directly. Over the night, you’ll be ordering drinks, giving tips and probably paying for private dances, so your costs a strip club may range from $40-$150 per individual.

Things to Be Considered

> When heading out to the club, check if there is an alcohol or BYOB policy. Many states and strip clubs impose serving and stripping regulations.

> Remember to ask about age restrictions. Venues either have an 18+ or 21+ age limit on guests.

> Get some research going. Inquire about rates, payment methods, accommodation requests, and so on. As well, find out about rules, like no touching or no private dances etc., and tell your gal pals before you go.

> Finally, don’t hesitate to ask if the entertainer will be arriving in costume. It may make any doormen encounters just a little less weird!