Finding Parallels Between Spreadsheets and Life

What Are Google Docs? Computers have become a huge factor in the lives being spent today, computers have allowed people to get more jobs done but the next step to this is using Google Docs because it has also become such a thing that it will help in making job easier. Google’s main target is to avoid redundancy. Doing things again and again will be very stressful especially for school works, the teacher will have to check dozens of paper works before, this can be very tiring for the teacher because it can be very slow at times compared to today where students and teachers use google docs for these online assignments, the ability to link the file of the student so that the teacher can point out some corrections will make it easier because the student will not have to print the paper over and over again every after correction of the teacher and the teacher on the other hand will not be checking any pointless paper and instead he or she will just be waiting for the final paper. The teacher can ask the students to pass their drafts in google docs. The students will send the drafts and the teacher will be able to see the drafts online. After the teacher checks the drafts she or he will send the drafts back with the needed corrections for the student. This will save a lot of paper because the drafts will be on google docs inseatd of printing them out. Imagine if those copies were printed and passed to the teacher, the teacher would have so much paper to check and that would really be a burden. The editing of the paper will be even more troubling if they were printed out. Checking that many paper will be very problematic for the teacher and waste of energy and time for the students. These online documents will fit perfectly in google docs, this will also help you save more time, energy and space. Files in google docs can be seen real time and can be edited real time as well. There is less hassle for the teacher in creating documents for each of her or his students. These online documents will serve as the students place to pass their work. After passing the online document the teacher can view them real time and put some changes if needed. This will be very organized, meaning all the student’s work will be filed in a specific document for each student. Google docs has really revolutionized the way people handle online documents and tasks because this will make things work easier with the way it organizes files and store them with no hassle and worry of getting too much space, google docs has really helped people have a better time in online works and online storing of files and documents.Lessons Learned About Spreadsheets

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