What Has Changed Recently With Education?

Is STEM Education Really the Best?

The STEM program is definitely making headlines in the education sector but a cloud of doubt hangs over it. There is no doubt that it is prudent to perform some research prior to deciding on the best education program for your kid. Discussed in the article here are insights why STEM education isn’t worth all the hype.

The subjective nature of the education model is something to worry about. This will in most cases work to the advantage of kids that have a knack for Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. In the event that your bundle of joy doesn’t seem to like this, the going will be really tough. We all know that some students perform excellently in other subjects and thus putting them into the STEM system will only be limiting their potential.

One of the major issues with this model is that it lacks clear cut guidelines about what a student needs to learn. You will be surprised to learn that each school has a different program and thus the topics will vary. This means that the STEM model isn’t the best in preparing students for college now that they will have acquired an education that is not consistent.

The lack of proper teacher certification is yet another big issue that plagues the STEM system. This means that you are never sure whether what your kid is being taught is really worth it. This is disadvantageous in today’s competitive world and you will be better off enrolling your bundle of joy in an educational system that will benefit them down the line. This might be a far fetched dream now that this is a program that is yet to come up with national standards.

Experts say that STEM comes with reduced efficacy as it starts at middle school instead of elementary school. For a student to probably make it through this program, it would be better if the journey started at elementary school. This is in light of the fact that it helps in imparting the required skill-set in comprehending matters that are rather complex. Beginning this while at middle school is tantamount to introducing new ideologies to a student that had already decided on what they would want to pursue in the education world.

What is more, students that do not perform as expected will in most cases get left out. This approach breeds an elitist culture where well prepared students will be miles ahead of those that are not. According to experts, STEM never seems to help students that don’t perform well yet all that is probably needed is a little push to excel.