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Day: March 30, 2017

Simple Way to Clean a Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner

Does your Mac have a lot of junk on its hard drive that is filling up its storage space and may even be affecting its performance? If you don’t know and have never checked then there’s probably quite a bit of junk there – which is why you may want to clean it out sooner rather than later.


Before you start to try manually finding junk on your hard drive, it may be worth knowing that there are easier (and less time consuming) ways to clean it. By far the easiest is by enlisting the help of Movavi Mac Cleaner to automate most of the process.


To start cleaning your Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner, all you really need to do is launch it. As soon as you do the software will automatically start to scan your Mac and find all the duplicate files, logs, cache files, trash …