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3 Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Smart Phone

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t own a smart phone. In light of the many conveniences these offer, it’s no surprise that virtually every adult and child has one at the disposal. However, like most popular technology, smart phones are in a constant state of evolution. Each year, nearly every popular phone manufacturer updates their flagship product. As such, many smart phone owners upgrade fairly consistently. When looking for ways to make your next upgrade more affordable, consider selling your own phone and putting the profits toward a new one. To ensure that you receive a handsome profit for your current phone, you’ll need to put the following tips into practice.


1. Protect the Phone from Outward Wear and Tear

As is the case with any type of pre-owned merchandise, used phones that are in good condition tend to fetch higher prices than those that have clearly been abused. Considering how much use most people get out of their smart phones, it’s no wonder these devices often incur a substantial amount of wear and tear. However, keeping your smart phone in prime condition is much easier than many people realize. Investing in a resilient protective case and screen protector can effectively shield your phone from damage in the event that it’s dropped, stepped on or put under intense pressure.

2. Have the Phone Unlocked

If you’ve ever shopped for a pre-owned smart phone, odds are you’re familiar with unlocking. This refers to the practice of freeing a smart phone from assorted limitations put into place by its manufacturer, giving people far more options with regard to carriers and apps. Not surprisingly, phones that have been unlocked sell for much higher prices than phones that are still subject to manufacturer-imposed roadblocks. In other words, if you unlock your phone, you can expect to see a greater return on your investment.

3. Avoid Subjecting Your Phone to Dangerous Situations

Refusing to expose your phone to harmful conditions is another effective way to keep it in great shape and ensure that it retains its value. This primarily entails keeping the phone away from water, dirt and sand, as these elements can prove tremendously harmful should they find their way inside the phone. With this in mind, always place your phone in a bag or protective pouch whenever you’re at a beach, swimming pool or any other locale that stands to damage your phone.

The smart phone is currently the most popular piece of technology worldwide. That being the case, it’s no surprise that the world’s leading phone manufacturers are constantly tweaking and refining their products. If you can’t help but answer the siren call of a sleek new phone, you can score some extra cash by trading in your current one. However, if you wish to maximize your profits, it behooves you to heed the pointers discussed above