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Best Tourist Destinations in the Medan

Maimun Palace
Maimun Palace Famous Deli is a relic from the kingdom, Standing majestic yellow palace in Medan City Center And Become icon From the metro-politan. you can be found the palace singer in Jln. Brig Katamso district. Medan Maimun, Medan. Architecture, Building Maimun Palace predominantly yellow color is typical Malay.
Medan Maimun palace
In the Field of Tourism The One place, you can Seeing different collections owned palaces in the past. Some of which is a collection of photos sultan, the sultan’s throne, with A History of the Royal Deli. To review Maimun Palace  Tickets you Must pay Rp 8,000 palace Open 8: 00-17: 00.

Masjid Raya Al Mashun
Situated in the heart of the city of Medan, Masjid Raya Al Mashun OR ALSO WITH singer known Medan Great Mosque has More Than 100 Years since the First constructed ON August 21, 1906. Operates, Building mosques adopt hd Singer Building Morocco, Europe, Malay, And The East amidst mixture. The mosque is very unique with draft Octagonal Round shaped and you have four in the Main lobby at Home, Back, and Side Left And Right. The same moment also on the Terrace-4 Task FOR Become Main Gate Masjid.
Masjid Raya Al Mashun Medan
In Part of the Dome. The model shows that the following is building Turkey, ie with Damaged Eight Sides. Main dome surrounded by four in the dome lie in differences in each with page size smaller. The dome shape is very beautiful Being the pride of the city of medan indonesia
this is the culinary place in the field at Jalan Semarang’s Chinatown Yang during the day is part Vehicle Sales Center in Medan. ON-hours a day, 200-meter Throughout Region Transformed into a night market and a favorite culinary tour in Medan.

Jalan semarang

this is a Popular areas is has since the 1960’s as a prayer One Entertainment Center in the city of Medan. The night market is Active since 18:00 and 01:00 o’clock closes. Different you option menu can be sampled here Starting from satay To martabak. One of the favorite menu here is the duck rice Hainan.

RM Soto Sinar Pagi
Still about soup in Medan. soto sinar pelangi, please come to restoran Sinar Pagi located at Jalan Sei Deli.

Soto here has the flavor of the sauce delicious coconut deeng spices is thick and rich served WITH Pieces of beef, bread, peanut brittle and soy sauce. IF Andari Less menyuka soup bersantan, Andari can be ordered chicken soup Yang Not Lose delicious.

Restaurants Soto Matches visit when you Need to breakfast in the morning because open from 07:00 until 15:00 every day.