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How, Why, and When to Use DSLR Shoulder Rigs

Around the filming work, there are many techniques and accessories to help. However, which techniques and accessories to need would depend greatly on the kind of filming as well as the experience you may want the audience to go through. Today, we are going to talk in brief about the use of DSLR shoulder rigs. Basically, if you are going to use the DSLR camera, its design is so friendly for handheld work. It is light and very ergonomic. In such a case, you are good if you need the best DSLR shoulder rigs. By definition, a shoulder rig or mount is a type of equipment for filming work. It moves together with the camera operator, and it provides a good flexibility for film maker to better shoot their video. The piece of accessory is really an efficient tool many filmmakers need. The DSLR shoulder rig does not serve the best stability like the tripod while tripod is not used in such a movement when making the film.

Why You Need a DSLR Shoulder Rig

Generally, a DSLR camera is so sensitive to movement while the videos from bad instability could make bad experience for audience. Some report such a video to make them dizzy. That is not what filmmakers want to happen at all. However, filmmakers can not all the time use the very stable tripod because there needs for a movement to create a new viewing experience for audience. In such a situation where the best shoulder rig is needed. It simply helps filmmakers move easier with least instability to be noticed in the cameras. Especially, when it is a type of storytelling that they are shooting, this piece of equipment is necessarily needed.

How to Choose the Best DSLR Shoulder Rig

Though there are so many designs of the best DSLR shoulder rigs out there, not all of them will perfectly fit to your particular camera while the shoulder rig plays an important role for the quality of your videos. That is why it is so important to check out first before you make the decision to purchase whichever DSLR Shoulder Rig. For the following tips, they will get you informed about how you can choose a good one.


  1. Weight and Durability. Just as you know, making a film might need you to hold on that camera on your shoulder for a long period of time. Thus, weight is among the most important factor to notice. The lighter, the better it is for your long hour filming. Also, the materials used to produce the shoulder rig are important since it decides the durable quality of the product. If it is light as well as has a good longevity, then it serves the best, needless to say. And you will not be disappointed with the money you have spent.


  1. The design. It is not only about looking good but also the way it is made with smart structure to allow for convenient use. That is important to the filmmaking experience of the camera operator. If you feel good about using it, then it is a good one. However, as you may buy it online, you might find it hard to get through the experience. What you can do is checking the reviews of a particular DSLR shoulder rig. A lot more people will share their actual experience with the equipment. If you have time, you might need to spend more on checking a design before making the decision. Another thing is about the common designs. There are two. One is the design with flat metal surface, and the others come with rail system. Whichever you find best, you can go for it.


  1. Types of a DSLR shoulder rig. There are the straight shoulder rig and offset shoulder rig. Which one is best would depend on your experience as well as the DSLR camera you have. Basically, if what you are having is a DSLR camera with the LCD display, the design of the offset shoulder mount is more friendly. This is quite important since if it does not fit well with your current DSLR camera, it might become useless, and you waste your money.