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Phone Tracker News: Who Is Spying on You?

In the times of sweeping technological changes, most people are highly optimistic about what the future brings – convenience, ease, and comfort. Mass media and futuristic films have popularized the image of a contemporary person enjoying all possible virtues and having a number of home appliances, robots, and technologies at his or her service. No doubt, it is much more pleasant to imagine a future in which you are woken up by a cup of coffee carefully brought to your bed by a robot, all activities guided by a smart phone tracker, your car is driven by an auto-pilot, and all significant events and reminders are provided by a conspicuous AI assistant. However, the reality is not as cloudless as such media-induced images suggest; the future is here already, but the fruits of IT labor are mostly reaped by powerful corporations and governmental organizations. How do they use them? Let’s find out.

Phone Tracker App of Your Spouse and Employer 

It goes without saying that we all have got used to considering our lives private; this is a norm – at least for the good old times. A decade or so ago, we used to have private e-mails, private lives, private meetings with our friends, and the right to have secrets from anyone else. Is this so real nowadays? Probably not that much. You might be surprised to find out that even at the present moment, your spouse or employer may be spying on you – by means of using a phone tracker like https://www.mspy.com/. It is not the worst scenario, by the way – you can also use this handy tool if you are a suspicious spouse or an employer, to keep track of everything beyond your control. Such trackers are highly popular nowadays, with ever more people trying to get access to private information of their relatives, to keep children under parental control, and to prevent data leakages from the company. To spy or not to spy is definitely your choice, but give it a thought: who knows, maybe while you are still hesitating, some creepy software on your iPhone or Android already sends all your data to your spouse or boss?

CIA Is Watching You

While spying on relatives and staff is a matter of much ethical concern and debate nowadays, it still seems the smallest evil as compared to large-scale privacy abuses of the government. As Wikileaks informed the global community in June 2017, CIA has been deeply involved in spying on Americans via smartphone weaknesses they uncovered but concealed from the population. Instead of warning people about the vulnerabilities their devices have, CIA authorities have decided to use those pitfalls to their advantage and evaded many security programs to elicit personal data from Americans’ devices. The Wikileaks revelations in the “Year Zero” report even allowed suggesting that the US secret agencies managed to bypass rigorous encryption and privacy protection measures of such popular devices as WhatsApp – the one globally praised for the amount of security given to users. Such data leaves a definite trace of insecurity, suggesting that even at the present moment, but only your wife/husband or boss may secretly read your e-mails and listen to your phone conversations; even a bunch of CIA agents may be well-aware of your family issues and a secret affair.

Even Facebook?

While the CIA’s interest in your personal matters may be not as reasonable as your spouse’s wish to know where you are and with whom you spend your time, but still understandable, a new spying initiative from Facebook is a total surprise for users. Facebook, a leading global social network with a very reassuring privacy protection policy, has also decided to bypass some privacy boundaries for the sake of improving its service. As it became known in June 2017, Facebook applied for a patent for a new ‘emotion technology’ for its service – a technique allowing to use the Facebook user’s camera to capture his or her emotions and present content of corresponding emotional coloring in compliance with that information.

On the one hand, such technology seems to be an interesting innovation in the field of consumer-sensitive content viewing. According to Mark Zuckerberg’s plan, it has to take place as follows: the user takes a photo with his/her camera, and the ‘emotion software’ on the site captures emotions of the user by interpreting the photo. In case the user’s emotions are positive (e.g., there are signs of smile, happiness, etc.), he or she will be presented with more optimistic images and content from the Facebook thread. If his/her emotions are negative (e.g., frowning is detected), then corresponding content with relevant images is provided. This technology, coupled with strength of keyboard strokes and peculiarities of using the mouse and touchpad (or touchscreen) are expected to give Facebook an exhaustive image of the user’s mood for further use in content selection.

Hence, as you can see, technology is developing at a really quick pace, and there is absolutely no doubt that future is already here. For some, future is a benefit of convenience and time savings, while for others, it is privacy breach and lack of security. So, what do you think, who may be spying on you right now?