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What to Consider Before Subscribing to a Website

Informational websites, blogs, and internet magazines all attempt to get browsers to subscribe. Users provide an email address, pay a fee if required, and get updates from the site. The idea behind a subscription is that users who find the site helpful or interesting will not miss any information. They may also find their inbox inundated with offers for products and services, courses to take, or requests for participation in surveys. A site subscription is not always as simple as it appears.

Users should take a few minutes to consider certain factors before subscribing. The first factor is what fee, if any, is involved. Many sites offer free subscriptions so a fee is not a consideration. If a fee is charged, find out how much is charged, and the frequency at which the amount is billed to a credit card. Subscriptions can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Read the information carefully to avoid surprises.

Another consideration is how much the site will be used on a regular basis. If the site provides vital information for a business, profession, or opportunities, for example, it is well worth a subscription fee. If the site offers coupons, recipes, and craft demonstrations do not bother to subscribe. There are plenty of free sites that offer that type of information. Be as realistic as possible when determining how often that site will be visited.

Some sites will include information, in fine print, about how the email address will be used. Others are straightforward regarding the use and privacy of the email address given. If the address is subject to third party sales, provided to sponsors and advertisers, or used to offer bargains and promotional deals subscribers may get many more emails than they anticipated. Read terms and conditions before subscribing to any site.

It is also important to consider all these aspects if the business is interested in advertising on a site, or sponsoring a column or tutorial. The benefit is business exposure to a varied audience. The disadvantage may be consumer backlash if the site has deceived subscribers. Information, tips, and advice for business owners regarding marketing, operating a business, excellent customer service, and new ways of thinking can be found at www.bizcatalyst360.com.